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Special Menu



Roppaku Black Pork Shabu-shabu 

Shabu-shabu is a familiar dish in Thailand, but our shabu-shabu is served with our proud of dashi soup, which is a little unusual in Thailand. The carefully selected dashi soup, which allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of Kurobuta pork is based on the original Japanese recipe. Please enjoy our recommended menu, which is made with carefully selected ingredients.

Roppaku Black pork  (Ribs & Loin) + assorted hotpot vegetables

Sukiyaki from Kagoshima Prefecture

Kuroge Wagyu beef from Kagoshima Prefecture is characterized by fine-grained meat and balanced marbling. The sukiyaki sauce, which brings out the strong flavor of the beef, and the yam with special broth  is exceptional. We hope you will enjoy it.

Kuroge Wagyu Beef  (Shoulder Loin) + Assorted vegetables of Sukiyaki

At lunchtime, we also offer Japanese set menu-style dishes such as ginger grilled pork cutlet and pork cutlet made with Roppaku Kurobuta from Kagoshima Prefecture at reasonable prices.                                                        

For dinner, we offer a wide variety of courses and single item dishes that are perfect for dinner parties and client dinners.

Please feel free to contact our store.


Local Cuisine

We also offer a number of single item dishes that we are proud of. Enjoy heartwarming local cuisine made with fresh ingredients.

・Sashimi (raw fish) of yellowtail from Kumamoto Prefecture

・Handmade black pork minced meat cutlet

・Special Satsuma-age (a kind of fried fish sausage)

・Homemade black pork gyoza (Japanese dumpling), etc.


Kagoshima Potato Shochu
Selected Sake
Umeshu (plum wine)

In addition to authentic Kagoshima potato shochu, we also have carefully selected Japanese sake and plum liquor from all over the country. Why not choose one that suits your mood that day?

[Example of brands handling]

Mitake (potato/Kagoshima Prefecture),

Akarui Nouson (potato/Kagoshima Prefecture),

Noukano Musume (baked sweet potato/Kagoshima Prefecture),

Nabeshima (pure rice/Ginjo-shu/Saga Prefecture),

Kitaya (pure rice/Daiginjo-shu/Fukuoka Prefecture),

Taka (special pure rice/ Yamaguchi Prefecture),

Komasa plum liquor (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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